In the oral cavity, most people have two bands of tissue called frenums that are located in and around the gums and teeth. What happens if this tissue interferes with oral function? A procedure called a frenectomy may be the solution.

Basically, frenums are located in two areas of the mouth.  One is located in the lower arch, it is the tissue between the base of the tongue and floor of the mouth. Sometimes this frenum restricts the movement of the tongue (tongue tie). A simple surgical procedure, called a frenectomy can be performed to free the tongue and allow proper speech and function. The other frenum is located in the upper arch and is the tissue that connects the gum to the lip at the front of your mouth. Sometimes, this tissue may be abnormally long or wide and can create a space between the two front teeth. A frenectomy can be done in this situation as part of the process to close the gap between the teeth.

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