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Gingivitis is a inflammation of the gingiva (gum tissue near the base of your tooth). Gingivitis is caused by the bacteria found in plaque and is the earliest stage of gum disease. It is also the most easily treated.

Plaque starts to form on a tooth immediately after brushing and flossing have been completed. When that plaque is not removed with regularity, an environment is created which allows bacteria to thrive and multiply. In response to the bacteria, the gums to become inflamed. The first indication of gingivitis will be bleeding when you brush and floss. Gingivitis is easily treated by a hygienist who will scale and polish the teeth. If gingivitis is left untreated, the condition will progress to the more serious condition known as Periodontitis.

The difference between scaling and root planing is simple. Scaling is the removal of the dental calculus (commonly known as tartar) from the tooth surface. Root planing is the process of smoothing the root surfaces and removing the infected tooth structure.  Book an appointment with our Hygiene team today if you have concerns about gingivitis!

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