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What to Eat After Gum Grafting

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Proper nutrition is important at all stages of your life. But when you’re recovering from a procedure like a gum graft, it can be challenging to meet your nutrition needs without compromising the healing process. 

Though it helps to consult your dentist or periodontist after the procedure, knowing what is and isn’t okay for you to eat can still seem confusing. 

When recovering from a gum graft, it’s best to prioritize foods that promote healing, minimize discomfort, and support your overall oral health. By focusing on eating softer foods, cold drinks and soups, and gentle snacks, you can get the nutrition you need while giving your mouth the time it needs to heal properly. 

What Is a Gum Graft?

A gum graft is a dental procedure aimed to treat gum recession—a condition that occurs when the gum tissue around your teeth wears away or begins to recede. When this happens, it can expose the roots of your teeth, leading to several complications and other problems. These complications can include:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Root decay
  • A compromised look to your smile and teeth

Gum grafting involves taking healthy tissue from another part of your mouth and transplanting it to the area affected by gum recession. This procedure can help restore a healthy gumline, protect the exposed roots of your teeth, and enhance your oral health.

What to Expect When Recovering from a Gum Graft

Like many dental procedures, the recovery process for a gum graft is essential to maintaining long-term results. Initially, you may experience some swelling or minor discomfort. Your dentist or periodontist will give you instructions on managing your pain or other symptoms, typically through:

  • Pain medications
  • Ice packs
  • Specialized mouthwash to lower your risk of infection

It’s common for the grafted area to appear red or white during the healing process. However, when recovering, it’s important to communicate with your dental professional. If you notice any severe bleeding or extreme discomfort or are worried about infections, you should seek the help of a dentist or periodontist as soon as possible.

Typically, the recovery process takes several weeks. You’ll need to adjust your diet during this period to avoid foods that can affect the healing process.

Foods to Eat When Healing from a Gum Graft

Maintaining a proper diet while recovering can play a large part in healing. 

It’s best to opt for soft and nutritious foods. During the first 2 or 3 days, stick to cold drinks and extremely soft foods, like:

  • Bananas
  • Yogurt
  • Milkshakes
  • Lukewarm oatmeal

This can give your mouth time to heal and avoid unnecessary pressure on the gums. After this initial period has passed, you can begin to incorporate other foods into your diet for a few weeks, like:

  • Soft mashed potatoes
  • Cold or lukewarm soups
  • Soft fruits
  • Smoothies
  • Soft grains like cooked rice and quinoa

This can help you get the nutrition you need while avoiding any negative effects on the healing process.

Foods to Avoid When Recovering from a Gum Graft

While it’s important to focus on finding the right foods to eat when recovering from a gum graft, it helps to know what foods to avoid. Try to steer clear of the following foods, as they can impact the healing process and hinder your recovery:

  • Hard, crunchy foods like nuts, chips, or raw vegetables
  • Any spicy foods like hot sauce or hot peppers as they can irritate and inflame the gums. 
  • Acidic foods like citrus fruits or vinegar-based dishes
  • Sticky or chewy foods like caramels or chewing gum as they can adhere to the surgical site and cause pain and damage
  • Tough meats that require excessive chewing
  • Chewy bread, as it can strain the gums

By avoiding foods like this, you stand the best chance of a swift and healthy recovery.

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Taking Care of Your Gums After a Gum Graft

Taking care of yourself and your nutrition is vital to recovering from any medical procedure. By choosing the right foods and avoiding potential irritants, you can promote healing, lower your risk of infections, and feel confident about the long-term success of the gum graft.

It’s important to work closely with your dentist or periodontist and follow their recommendations to encourage a swift, smooth recovery. If you need advice about your gum graft or any other dental procedure, book an appointment with us at Riverwalk Dental, and let one of our experienced team members help!

Written by Dr. Brandon Scott

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Could your smile use a bit of TLC? Learn more about our teeth whitening services by visiting our Teeth Whitening page.

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Are you curious about Invisalign? Learn more by visiting our Invisalign page.

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